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master class – photography lighting workshop in Bangalore

sculpting with light - photography lighting workshop


Sculpting With Light

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photography lighting workshop

Light is at the heart of photography. You can get wrapped up in countless other details, but in the end, it all comes back to light. Lighting is a key ingredient (sometimes the lone ingredient !) of astounding pictures that draw our attention and stir our minds. So, how about taking full control of lighting in your pictures? This photography editing masterclass will help you do exactly that - understand the properties of light, master the science and art of setting up and controlling the lighting arrangement creatively for your photographs. You will learn hands-on, shooting a variety of scenarios using our lighting equipment under the guidance of our senior photographers.

Course Outline

With this pro-level  photography editing workshop, you will harness the skills required to shape your subject with the knowledgeable use of artificial light.
With this intensive hands-on workshop, you will have a detailed understanding of :

Understanding Light In Photography
Types Of Light & Its Effects On Your Images
Working With Modifiers
Understanding Flash Exposure
Factors Affecting Flash Exposure
Demystifying The ‘Inverse Square Law’
Learning To Visualise
Shaping With Light & Shadows
Portrait lighting Setups
Lighting – Side Effects
Putting It All Together
  • This workshop is for entry-level photographers not familiar with post-processing techniques or image editing.

  • Attendees of this workshop are expected to have a fair understanding of the fundamentals of photography, as well as be comfortable with shooting with their cameras in Manual and semi-assisted modes.

  • For those needing help on these skills, we refer you to our general/customised training programme on Fundamentals of Digital Photography – Basics & Beyond

  • Any laptop with
    An installation of Adobe Lightroom (preferably the latest version) and optionally Adobe Photoshop.
  • To save time, please make sure that this software is pre-installed before coming to the workshop.
  • Your pictures in raw file format, stored on your laptop or on suitable media.
  • A 7day trial version can be downloaded from Adobe
  • Course duration – 4 days, 8-10 hours of training.
  • Classes will be conducted on 4 consecutive weekdays.
  • Each class session will of ~2 hours duration
  • Flexibility in timings available with prior consultation.
Rs.18000/- Payable at the time of enrollment
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Workshop Duration

0 Hours

Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to photography.

— George Eastman
photography lighting workshop BTS Of A Bike Shoot
photography lighting workshop Baby Shoot


Personal attention throughout the program with seats limited to 4 participants


Highly valued certificate from the academy upon completion of the course


Step by step process and hands-on experience that helps you build up real skills


Continued mentoring after you complete the course if you need help along the way